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List of Conferences
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The International Conference on the Theory and Application of Diagrams is an interdisciplinary conference series devoted to any scientific field of enquiry related to diagrams. Diagrams prides itself in attracting delegates from a diverse range of disciplines and has emerged as the major international conference in the area. The 2010 edition will be the sixth in the series and will take place in Portland, Onterio with previous events held in Herrsching, Germany, Stanford, Cambridge, Callaway Gardens and Edinburgh.



The Eurographics Annual Conference is a leading international event devoted to computer graphics and all related visual and interactive domains. Authors are invited to submit original papers reporting research contributions, practice and experience, or novel applications. Papers are sought in all areas of Computer Graphics: rendering, modeling, animation, interactive techniques, virtual reality, visualization, and other relevant topic areas. Moreover, the 2008 edition will have a special focus on the cross-fertilization between CG, computer vision and human-computer interaction. Conference proceedings will be published in the Computer Graphics Forum journal, volume 27(2).


International Workshop on Graph Transformation and Visual Modeling Techniques

GT-VMT is a workshop of a series that serves as a forum for all researchers and practitioners interested in the use of graph-based notation, techniques and tools for the specification, modeling, validation, manipulation and verification of complex systems. Due to the variety of languages and methods used in different domains, the aim of the workshop is to promote engineering approaches that starting from high-level specifications and robust formalizations allow for the design and the implementation of such visual modeling techniques, hence providing effective tool support at the semantic level (e.g., for model analysis, transformation, and consistency management). Contributions are welcome from communities working on popular visual modeling notations like UML, Petri nets, Graph Transformation, Business Process/Workflow Models. This year's workshop will have an additional focus on visualization, simulation, and animation of models as means of providing an intuitive representation of both their static semantics and for the validation of model behavior.


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